I'd like to apologize to 343 you for my radical remarks

I think most people have been satisfied with the latest form of experience acquisition.
Seven games can raise your pass level by 1-2, which is great news for office workers and players with insufficient time.
Because the pass itself is permanent. And this season is quite long, with a full 150 days

But.There is only a part of the time. Energetic players will return to their previous state after 7 games, 50xp each game.
So I hope 343 can see a new form of reward, which will not be used before seven games.
After 7 games, the average game experience value remains unchanged and continues to maintain the state of 50xp. For example, after completing one assists + 2xp, 3 combos + 10xp, ninja + 20xp, 4 combos + 20xp (the value is only a hypothesis, not the value I asked), it is also a great incentive mechanism for energetic players.

The above is just a suggestion

After level 100 in the current season, it seems to be a good proposal to give players a little mall points for every 5 levels raised (for example, 5lv = 15 ~ 25)

In addition, I want to say that without the infinite halo campaign mode, I feel like a flood climbing​:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


It takes 20 games for one battle pass level what’re you talking about. Each level is 1,000xp and each game is 50xp each.

Under the current reward mechanism, 1000 experience does not require 20 games before 7 games,Please look carefully。343 has modified the acquisition mechanism on twitter,I just put forward proposals that can make him better
For players at different levels


Thats an old system, its been revamped.


MP’s been out for 2 weeks and there’s still no XP difference between winning and losing a match. I can’t call that progress.

Uhhh… there’s nothing in the official Twitter. And yeah I grinded a whole battle pass tier with 20 matches last night.

You don’t read the news much do you? Its been changed.

Gimme a link? Was it changed today? Cause it was still 50xp a game last night. It’s not on any official 343 media channels. That’d be awesome if it was changed though.

It takes 20 games for one battle pass level what’re you talking about. Each level is 1,000xp and each game is 50xp each.

Have you looked at the XP updates today?

What updates? Everyone keeps saying there’s updates, but I can’t find anything about it anywhere.

Check the news feed on the game itself. It’s all detailed there.

Oh I’m at work, can’t do that. Someone summarize it for me?

Basically your first 6 matches add up to 1000xp, or one full BP tier.

As of today, it goes like this:

  • 1st Game = 300XP
  • 2nd Game = 200XP
  • 3rd Game = 200XP
  • 4th Game = 100XP
  • 5th Game = 100XP
  • 6th Game = 100XP
  • 7th+ Game = 50XP

Thank you. And hmm, that’s, better, I guess? They’re still basically telling you not to bother playing after 6 matches cause you get nothing for it. I suppose it helps the people it needs to help though, the ones who don’t have 300 hours to dump into a BP.


hmm, that’s, better, I guess?

Dude are you kidding right now? Six games per day equals a level even if you don’t accomplish a single challenge. This is a massive improvement that solves your chief complaint of having to play 20 matches per Battle Pass level.

Still takes 100 days, but regardless it’s another way of telling the people who play more than 6 matches “we don’t value your time.”

I guess I’m going to see how fun it is to play the game for a couple months without many fresh unlocks. I’ve got like 70 levels left to go, but with the newest update I’ll finish those off in about a month I bet.

Worst case is I guess I’ll get to grind my rank a lot :grin:

Still takes 100 days

Assuming you literally never complete a single challenge whatsoever, which I don’t even think is possible with the challenges that pop up. Right now my challenges are “Complete Quick Play Matches, Get Assists, Win an Oddball Game, Win Any Match.”

I’d have to actively go out of my way to not earn any challenges.

it’s another way of telling the people who play more than 6 matches “we don’t value your time.”

Dude, what are you talking about? You complained that it takes 20 matches to level up at the start of the thread. Everyone point out it now only takes 6 matches per day and after 6 matches you’re back to earning 50 XP per match. What do you want? A permanent bump to the 50XP per match?

I mean now it takes 6 matches for 1 level and still takes 20 afterwards. So yeah, a permanent bump from 50 would be so much better.