Icy Cool achievement broken

Has anyone else had trouble unlocking the Icy Cool achievement? I’m playing on Heroic and I ground-pounded a core, but nothing happened. I have tried it on every single core, and nothing happened. I even tried on Easy, because I heard some people got it on that difficulty. So is it glitched, or is there something I’m missing?

I did it in the first one, I was playing my lone wolf campaign on legendary, I believe is heroic+, isnt it?

WHile in the H5 main menu, change profiles.

Then, it should pop when you sight back in. Destiny would always give me delayed achievements, so that’s the work around.

Did you actually destroy the core with the ground pound? If you didn’t take out the last of its health with the ground pound it won’t work. At least thats how it worked with me.