Ice Cream and Medicine

Halo is like ice cream. Its a sweet elaborate treat that is, ultimately pointless but adored by countless people over. Its enjoyable to have but by no means a need. Yet for some reason it is being marketed like medicine.
Medicine is a conditionally essential product. Some people need it consistently and have to pay a few dollars each month to get their share. And even if its not urgent, people invest in a reserve stock for emergencies. It is a reoccurring need that sporadically pops up from time to time. It is everything Halo is not.
People do not need Halo. They do not need to reserve a monthly budget for it, nor do they need to have it periodically. People play Halo because it is a treat to them. It is unique but readily replaceable. Making it too expensive or too difficult to enjoy will ruin the entire point of Halo and drive people away. Please 343, keep this in mind moving forward.