ICA Clan Recruitment Page

Hello Spartan’s, Welcome to the Recruitment Page for the ICA

If you are Curious on What the ICA is About “READ BELOW”

“Info About the ICA”

ICA - International Clan Alliance
We are in a Military Based Clan
We Do Pretty Much All Sorts of Training Such as, "Raids, Firebase’s, Tac-Trainings, Outpost’s, etc
We have over 50+ Members
Over 9 Alliance’s with Other Clans and Community’s
We Are a Clan That is Both On “Halo 4 And Halo: Reach”
ICA Currently Lead by “ICA Vengeance”


Must be the Age of 12 and Older.
Must have a Working Mic, Or in the Process of getting a Mic

If You are interested in joining Message These People and they will get to you as soon as Possible.

Agent VoliTitioN - Vice President

ICA Attendance - Recruit Handlement Officer

ICA Vengeance - Founder and Owner of ICA

Thank you For Looking at this Post, And i will See you in the Field Recruits.

Hello ICA, Vengeance, good to see the clan has gone well, hope you’re doing, anyway just saw this and thought I might say hi, from ICA Demonic, hope you remember me