IBI Custom

Hey everyone,
IBI Customs is a gaming community for custom games in Halo 4. There are barely any requirements to join, you dont even have to ask me. All you do to join is follow these steps:

  1. Change /add to your xbox motto “IBI”
  2. Friend me (inceptionguy12) and the people in my friends list who also have “IBI” in their motto
    Note: there is one person who has IBI as their bio instead due to them being in a clan
    Another note: This is not a clan, so you can be in a clan and join also.

Ok so now you have joined, you can find out how it works. To join a custom, look through your IBI customs friends. If one of them is in a custom, join them. To create a custom, start the game and then invite people from the community. If you want a private custom, make it private.

and thats it! The community is not yet large enough to function well, so the more people you invite, the better the community will function.