I'am looking for Halo Pro/MLG teams

Hi, my name is Nik, with gamertag Purplewolfnik, which I am going to change soon cuz it pisses me off.
I am a really good Halo player, but dont look at my Halo Reach stats cuz that was when I sucked at Halo, but now I am the best in my country and I want to expand.

How I got to Halo?
My first Halo game was Halo 3 and that was 2 months after release. I never liked Call of Duty, Battlefield or any other popular FPS gaming. I actually didnt know about Halo since I got Halo 3. I played the Campaing non-stop, but I didnt played the Matchmaking on Halo 3 never, till I got Halo: Reach. I still played Campaing, a month later I jumed on LIVE, so yea I didnt had Xbox LIVE, don’t hate me for it! Sp I got into LIVE and played Halo: Reach Multyplayer espacially BTB cuz I was a N00B back then, and it was the only Gametype that I was good at it. So a year later I decided, to play some Team Slayer and I still sucked but in time and effort I got better. I watched MLG games and videos for TIPS and TRicks and all that -Yoink-. When Halo 4 released I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. At first I played full Campaign to get a feel for new things. After sucsesfully finishing campaing on Legendary I got to War Games. My first match was on Vortex BTB and I got spawned killed. But then I kicked some -Yoink- with AR, but not much. I wasnt used to this map so I kinda sucked at knowledge of it, but now Halo 4 is my fav. game.

HALO Preferences
My favourite primary gun on Halo 4 is the DMR but on Haven I like to use a BR. For my sec. weapon I’ve got a AR. I am a really good sniper whic is my favorite weapon. For armor ability in H4 I use T-pack, or Jet Pack, but I reffer a T-Pack. In H Reach I play with Sprint. I’ve got vibration off, so I can concentrate on the game.
My number 1 loudaut in H4 is:

  • BR/DMR
  • AR
  • Frag
  • T- Pack
  • Dexterity
  • Firepower
    I dont have the MCC and I don’t wan’t it. But don’t get me wrong it is awesome!

Country: Slovenia
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Time Zone: Romes/Europe (+2hours from UTC

ng else let me know!

You still got you team going on halo 4

Are you serious.

Must be a an extremely small amount of Halo players from Slovenia if you consider yourself the best in your country. Lol

Dude you can’t be real.

For hating Call of Duty, he sure acts like a CoD player.