IA Bots at Halo 4???

Would you like to play with Bots at a special gametype at halo 4? I think it could be funny when you want to practice at a multiplayer map with your friends or alone… what do you think???

P.S. Did someone knows the truth beyond the IA bots???

HOw about sentinels ?
Or just one monitor that can respawn after being killed but does not attack unless fired upon or if you get too close.

I want this soo much I hope that if they add this it’s on mp maps and if any thing a custom games option with split screen

Yea for mp ai

Hip hip hooray !!!

Sure, it would make it possible to have awesome custom games with friends and even play offline and have fun :slight_smile:
Which is the main reason it will never, never happen. bungie wanted to add bots in Halo 3 (ghost of sand trap) but MS forbid it, they were afraid that it the game offered decent bots, in any MP-related way, people would play offline instead, not buy DLC and live gold. :confused:
Halos main purpose is to sell consoles, DLC, gold subscriptions and game discs, offering good new features or allowing you to have fun, is not necessary at all.
It would be fun, but it won’t happen, sorry…

Well what if they only make available for xbl gold members. Like in matching making when you are offline or not using gold you can’t start the game. Same thing almost. Make it a dlc and you can only play those maps while you are on live.

What if the ai were not Spartans or elites but 2-4 sentinels or a monitor or two

therefore it’s not the full bot exp and you can still have fun

I kinda want a bot that is a massive Kill Ball, but like what we saw in the H4 trailer chasing us around in maps we can create.

No make it offline

come on micro soft ppl still buy gold for cod blk ops and gears and they both have bots you’ll still make your money

Yes please.

Ok add bots for gold mems but for a mp map make an option for an ai monitor who attacks players who attack it and if it gets shot down have it respawn and fly around like on backwash. Custom games option with offline

MS will sell more H4 copies and consoles if they add this

A cod player friend of mine said who would love halo if it had this feature I’m sure alot more ppl would start playing halo more then cod of it has offline/online bots

I know he’s not the only one

Its really sad itll never happen especially since ms is so money hungry.

I bet if most of us stopped biting gold they would add them

But I’m sure most of you won’t do that

I don’t believe it will be difficult to spawn some stationary AI or AI in vehicles but having AI move around requires scripting.

Nonetheless, if AI appear, I’ll be having to drive me all over the map. It will be training for them and will let me sit back and relax for a change.

Just one ai monitor like backwash who flies around but when you shoot at him it tries to kill you and it can be killed.

There it’s not a complete bot team or game just some thing that adds more fun to mp maps or map bot a big deal not a big loss in money :slight_smile: