I343 seemingly forgot an oold JiP update

Maybe Halo Infinite has reached the point where the honeymoon is over now.
Over the course of this game’s life span I have barely hd any JiP matches, two maybe.

Yet today alone I’ve had three or four of them, two out of which the scoring was ridiculous.

First JiP was a BtB Stockpile.
Enemy had two point and two cores left to score when I joined, got killed after a little running due to enemy setup and in less than a minute after I joined the match was lost.

Second JiP was an Attrition where the enemy team already had scored one round, reduced my team’s remaining spawns to 1, and in the first 20 seconds of the match after I joined, took the last respawn, and proceeded to demolish the team with power weapons.

I distinctly remember an update for Halo 4’s JiP preventing those kind of JiP situations. Where you load the game longer than you’ll play.
Is this yet another oversight?

Honestly at this point, you getting added to a game in progress is a small miracle; big team matches have had a problem where people queued to join YOUR match will not get prompted to join when there’s room and wind up waiting the entire game out, including people that joined as part of a fireteam but then only a few members of said fireteam were able to join.

Try joining a FFA game where the leader is already up 16 points. Good times.

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well added I was, and ended the matches did almost immediately. Probably the easiest XP I’ve earned.

Yeah I try to stay clear of FFA overall.
But joining games mid-session is anything but fun.
Don’t even understand why FFA would need JiP.

My guess is all the crashes happening so JiP is being used more often to fill in that void

Could be.
However, i343 omitted to implement, or it’s simply not functioning, a system which prevents joining games which are close to being finished, considering I lost two matches close to a minute after joining. Stockpile, opponents having two more cores to capture and well on their way to do so. Attrition where my team had one life left, opponents at least 5, and scored one win already.
A system they had in place for Halo 4 ages ago.