i01 Fan Game looking to Trade Mark their Studio.

So for those of you who don’t know, i01 is a Fan Game basing it’s roots in the Bungie Era of Halo Games. Using game play and mechanics from the Bungie games. The fan game has garnered a lot of fans and fame and for a while it seemed that they were doing well with community outreach and community faith and appreciation (always good to respect those who got you to where you are now).
However the project is on the down fall, and 343i Endorsing the project may have been the first major blow to the project in-regards to the projects appreciation and respect for it’s fans and community. One of the Moderators on the Discord Community Server has been acting with behavior commonly found coming from the likes of EA and Activision. Giving very corporate, copy & paste responses, lying to community members and issuing bans against innocent users. Essentially there is a break down in server staff honesty, integrity, and transparency, along with issues of slander and defamation of users from the server.
Also I’ve been told from a insider who’s close to Bean and Church that Soon Studios is in the process of applying for a Trade Mark to the brand and name. Meaning that i01 for better or worse is going to be a sold product. Even though Microsoft Content Creation Terms clearly state that this is okay.
i01 at one point was a very promising project and vision. However the mixture of these things and the fact the Church (one of the team leading developers on the project along with Bean) has in the past openly endorsed lootboxes and gambling in games.
i01 is a shell of what it used to be and I hope anyone who see’s this post will choose to support any of the other fan projects out there or any other fan project that shows promise. Regardless of if it’s Halo related or not.

For those wondering about the claim that the i01 is applying for a business trade mark, I’ve uploaded the screenshot of aforementioned insider. You can view it here:


Anyone who wishes to see the aforementioned staff integrity break down, feel free to ask and I can provide screen caps of those as well.

While fan game projects are cool, Waypoint isn’t the place to discuss any drama that might exist around these games.