i wouldn't say vehicles are underpowered....

I really don’t know why people say vehicles are underpowered and the DMR can easily destroy them,I remember playing in november team slayer in Complex when players would get on the ghost. You may say a dmr could easily take one out, but man was it annoying trying to take one out. Then two enemy players would get on the ghost and dominate us. My team had a hardtime taking them out with the DMR and it was worse because no power weapons spawn. Sad part is we were 250-90 and the enemy using the ghosts turn the tables on us. I remember trying to pick them off at the rooftop in the middle only for one of the ghost to drive on top and run me over. I remember dreading the map complex because of the ghost

Another instance was playing the crimson maps. I would hate how there were so many vehicles on those maps that it was ridiculous being on foot. Yes I have a loadout with the grenadier and plasma pistol combination, but some players aren’t stupid enough to get close to me on their vehicles because they know what is going to happen to them when I EMP them. They easily pick me off at a distance with the Warthog turret or the Ghost’s plasma cannons. A lot of people will be complaining about people unstoppable vehicles.

So after reading the above, imagine if 343 gave vehicles a buff and playing on maps that have a ton of vehicles available to players? Do you know how overpowered drivers are going to be? However, i have to admit, the Banshee needs a buff. It’s fun flying around on it, but you won’t last long with 4 Players DMRIng you off the sky. It should be like the Mantis, were the Banshee has a shield that recharges. That’s the only complaint I have.