I would pay for an AI voiced by Ellen McLain (GLaDOS)

For those of you who haven’t played the Portal games, GLaDOS is the sarcastic, homicidal antagonistic AI that harasses you throughout testing. (She’s probably my favorite villain of all time.) I would love for Ellen McClain to be brought onboard to voice a GLaDOS AI that throws shade and salt at the player. Here are a few lines I’d imagine her saying:

“Your team lost…and they couldn’t have done it without your help.”

“That was a nice shot. Did you know he was a single father?”

“You are the moral support of the entire team. Not your team by the way, the other team. When they see how bad you are, they can’t help but grow more confident.”

“Your team won. Pat yourself on the back, you really did something with your life.”

“Your flag has been stolen. No, please, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, I’m sure they’ll just drop dead.”

(Grapple-jacking a vehicle) “Weeeee…”

“You have a tank incoming. Go ahead, stand right beneath it.”

“You won effortlessly. And if the Banished needed flags for sustenance, your victory would mean something.”

“You’re out of ammo. You could either glare your enemy to death, or you could look for more.”

“You just got bludgeoned to death. Don’t worry, you’ll come back to life soon…and you’ll get another opportunity to experience that all over again.”


I fully endorse this. I would pay a fair amount of money for this too. Good idea!

Muscle Man Randy Savage

Nah, I think that would be too savage.

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Thanks! But I’m afraid Portal is just becoming too old.

Grunt AI when? That’s what I want lol