I would love to see a possibility of trickjumping again...

Since Reach kind of killed the idea, 343, we know you guys love seeing what jumpers can do with your engine, so please give us this? The problems with Reach was that the bulky feel of sinking instead of soaring, and not being able to gain momentum from sliding, kinda made the good jumps impossible… and you took out ghost edges. =[

It’s still the Reach engine. Most physics will probably be very similar to Reach. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Slide jumping should come back. I used that to speed up, get to places you normally can’t and even in the middle of battle too!

Plus it’s a nice bit of fiction about how the Spartan shields “slide” and or configurable etc.

having a jet-pack available would take the buzz out of trick jumping a bit, wouldn’t it?
I remember some awesome Halo3 trick jump videos. XD

But we gave you jetpacks so you wouldn’t need to trick jump! Aren’t you happy?

Jetpacks are no fun, plus I don’t like the idea of only being able to get to locations using the jetpack tier, maybe I want to use camo! xD Plus jetpacks are good for going up, but jumping can get you distance, horizontal and vertical! and again, its ALOT of fun!