I would love them to bring back the halo reach ranks to infinite

I really miss the old ranking systems I just thought they would have brought them to infinite , hopefully they do let me know your thoughts ?


I feel like if 343i want players to stick around after the battlepasses have been complete, they do need to add some sort of overall rank to the game. I would prefer it to be Halo: Reach’s ranks, but I wouldn’t complain if they went down the SR route again.

It’s a little wild that even games with battle passes (Apex, CoD, Fortnite) have SOME sort of experience ranking/numbering system and Halo, a game which has always had this, all of a sudden doesn’t.

Really, they should mirror a bunch of things from Reach - the lobby UI, the armory, the ranks…but that’s a different story entirely.

A co-op ‘non-PvP’ game like ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ even has prestige ranks, I mean, c’mon ‘343!’ :upside_down_face:

Actual military ranks felt so much better than boring numbers. If they do bring back a progression system I really hope it’s the military ranks again.

I have a soft spot for the exp/skill requirement of Halo 3, buy Reach s exp system was also very good.