I would like to rub it in my friends faces that I was right

So some of my personal friends and I were having an argument ever since it was revealed that Season 3 was going to feature an SPI armor core.

I predicted that the armor would not be referred to as “SPI” but rather as “MIrage”, just like the Halo 3 MCC version was.

I had also predicted that since Semi-Powered Infiltration armor is supposed to be stealth tech applied to power armor, it would be thematically appropriate for the Fractures Armor Core to be something along the lines of the Crysis Nanosuit.

A couple of my friends and I have been arguing about this.

And 343’s holiday stream revealed that my prediction was correct as the Fractures Armor Core, known as Chimera, is very much a hybrid between advanced armor meeting Crysis’ artificial muscle suit aesthetics of the Nanosuit.

Just wanted to rub that into the faces of a couple of my friends.

I cannot wait until we actually get the armor core.

And I hope that the cosmetic items of Spartans Roland-B210 and Jonah-B283 are available for unlock on the Mirage IIC armor core.

  • https://preview.redd.it/2eqhnnq1qmf91.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=b8ed0c89a7e6e9efdb58f86c95dfc1315ca14566

it makes me wonder if the other Season 8 Fractures will make their way to Infinite in the future

That might very well happen, though given a slight redesign to match in with the design requirements of Halo Infinite.

Always a great way to prove your friends wrong by posting online. :man_facepalming:

I’m just excited is all.

Because from the looks of the event’s armor core and the fact that SPI armor is stealth infiltration; the event might be something stealth based.

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I wonder how many cores in total they’re planning on bringing to the game. Hell, even cores dedicated to things like the Doom Guy, who could to some extent work in Halo Universe with his Armor set up.

I still would like to see a Core were a Human Spartan gets more Elite styled Armor personally, since Elites and Humans have teamed up since the end of Halo 2. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible get some tech from them and create an armor based around their designs.


Id software owns Doom.


Congrats on the prediction being nice and on point! I honestly was expecting the next fracture core to be something related to franchise owned by MS, since Eaglestrike (imo) was clearly a fallout fracture core. Maybe whoever developed Crysis is owned by Xbox, I just don’t remember who made it.

The Chimera core looks cool and all. But I’m still just sitting here patiently waiting for an Achilles core :neutral_face::watch:

The fact that 343 hasn’t taken advantage of Bethesda and Gears stuff for Fractures (or really any IP under Microsoft for that matter) is depressing, they have so much potential and would kick so much @$$ in action.

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Eaglestrike is not a Fallout armor core. It is a Dieselpunk-stylized armor core with inspirations from Warhammer 40k and WWI Trench Warfare.
It isn’t a crossover armor set.

But if Fallout were to do an armor core, it would likely try to have its armor resemble the Power Armor sets from Fallout and be called something like T-117 or T-343

Likely going to be just the Belos armor from Halo 3 MCC given a design re-tweak to fit into Halo Infinite’s design philosophy and have the Achilles helmet be a part of it.

I know ID Software owns doom, but doesn’t Microsoft on ZeniMax, who owns Bethesda and ID Software?

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Microsoft owns them.

So honestly we should see some Meta-Fractures armor cores somewhere down the line featuring Doom, Fallout, and Gears of War stylized content.

You could learn to loosen up a bit.

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Some direct inspiration from Jin Roh anime as well.


Oh must have been seeing things. Could’ve sworn I saw something about ActiBlizz.

Microsoft owns them too.

Oh, I think I had that originally and edited it out. That was a mistake on my part lol.

Not yet they don’t. Still waiting for regulators to approve it. I personally think it’s still likely to go through, but it seems like it’s going to take another couple months at the earliest

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Indeed it is projected to be finalized in Spring 2023.

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We just call that teabagging around here.