I would Halo Infinite with Matchmaking of Halo 3

I remember the speed with which matches were found on Halo 3;
Halo 3 didn’t have all of these iussues found in Halo Infinite.
There were a lot more maps and playlists than there are now.
There were far more Active users than there are now.
I just wish I could play Halo Infinite serene just like I used to play halo 3.
What do you think about this?

It’s been 15 years … And we went back 30 years with Halo Infinite


There were way way more people playing halo back then. Also because there was way way less competition and halo was still a leading franchise.


But the game worked perfectly. Halo infinite is left to itself.
Updates are released on League of Legends constantly, and the multiplayer game is followed

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Even the WarCraft 3 Reforged gets more regular updates than Halo: Infinite.


It’s a shame!
After a year they have not done anything concrete. Online, the maximum peak it reaches now is 5000 users on Steam.
It is not attributable to Franchising but to the lack of support they give to the title.

This is just straight up false. Halo 3 had FAR more competition than current games.
Resident Evil 4
Mass Effect
Guitar Hero 3
Rock Band
Team Fortress 2
Half-Life 2
Super Mario Galaxy
Unreal Tournament 3
SW Battlefront
And that’s just off the top of my head. Only game from the last 5 years that comes anywhere near those titles is Elden Ring.
The Witcher
Assassin’s Creed
World of Warcraft: TBC

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Well, some such as Super Mario Galaxy are not only A) not on the same console but B) not the same genre. In a case like Half Life 2, it lacked multiplayer. Plus, Halo just plays different than most shooters.

Halo had way more competition plus the games back then were much better quality and complete.

Single player/party games. Not the same thing as an Online shooter.

A game older than Halo 3 and a completely different genre. On top of it was mainly bought because it Offred access to the Halo 3 beta.

PC games. Xbox 360 TF2’s community was very small.

More single player games mixed with PC games. Halo 3 had little FPS competition on the 360.

An ancient game on OG xbox that had a few hundred people playing it before Halo 3 even came out? Really?

These are the only 2 games on that list that could have competed against Halo 3 (360 exclusive ATT) on the xbox 360 back in the day.

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Genre/platform are irrelevant, every game is competing for peoples time. Those games were competition for Halo 3 whether you want to accept it or not.


Ok. sure bud. Whatever you say. I’m sure the crowd of people that mainly play FPS games were getting their raid clears in WOW and owning gamecubes.

Heck why even limit this to games if its about competing for peoples time.

Movies are competing for our time.
TV shows are competing for our time.
Friends are competing for our time.
Families are competing for our time.
Work competes for our time.
Sleep competes for our time.
Eating competes for our time.

Oh look at the Billions of things competing against Halo 3.


Plus, that list also failed to include Halo 2, since Halo 2 was almost definitely going to be getting played and replayed more.

I don’t want to compare Halo Franchise with any other noteworthy titles.
I was talking exclusively about Matchmaking. Halo infinite Matchaming doesn’t work, and I’d like it to take inspiration from Halo 3.

Halo 3 was just a bit -yoink-.

There. I said it.

My God it felt so slow (yes, I know it was mostly due to the pitiful FOV). But yikes, it felt like you were running around in treacle.

And I really didn’t like how pretty much every game was a race to secure map position and then smash the other team with a combination of high ground, spawn control, and power weapon hoarding.

Trying to regain territory was like pulling teeth.

People tend to get blinded by rose tinted nostalgia.

Edit. And yes. I am a bit cranky this evening. This work shift just won’t end.

Definitely disagree.


That’s what area shooters are, or should be and that’s no different in Infinite.

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I just really like how the game has evolved to be more about dominating map flow and not just one or two power spots.

Watching some of the games at the recent world championships was awesome. The way the teams spread out to force spawns and then collapsed on the other team in pincer movements. It was constantly back and forth around the map.

Loved it.

And that’s because you can’t be pinned down anymore. Going around a corner or traversing a space is not an automatic death sentence anymore. Sprint and sliding combinations give you variations - some of which can be used offensively.

Then grappleshot, repulsor, thrusters. All help to break maps open.

Just the way it should be.

agree with creator of the topic… bring back ranked team slayer team swat… LIKE ITS ALWAYS WAS.