I would buy the battle pass if

I made this comment in a separate thread, but feel like it would make a good topic on its own for some general discussion. The topic was about feeling “stuck” at your current rank (Gold, Platinum, etc.)

If they made one simple change, I would buy the Battle Pass. I haven’t bought it yet, as ranking it up based on arbitrary challenges just doesn’t feel rewarding to me. I play mostly Ranked Arena, because ranking up based on my performance gives me that sweet, sweet dopamine hit. The problem with this is, once you hit your skill ceiling, the games get really close and sweaty which is great! That’s what the ranked system was designed for, and that’s what I want in my online games, but those dopamine hits are over for you unless you actively get better at the game. You want to keep ranking up, but if you do rank up without actually improving your skill level, you will get demolished. The obvious answer to this is to focus on ranking up the battle pass.

I’ve been struggling internally with this since the game came out. On the one hand, I do try to talk myself into “this is my skill cap, if I (undeservedly) rank up too high I will get destroyed and won’t have any fun.”

But on the other hand, ranking up is a sweet dopamine hit and we all want that. Right now, ranking up the battle pass just feels like “I’ve played the game some more and now I have a new number that shows that.” It doesn’t give me that same feeling as “I earned this new rank because I earned it”

I’m in Platinum 6 right now and can’t wait to finally hit Diamond 1, but at the same time I get destroyed by Diamond players so I know the games will suck for me when I get there. I also know that the only way to prevent that from happening is to get better at the game, but there is such little information out there right now about how to get better. It’s a weird catch-22 between wanting to rank up but also not wanting to get utterly destroyed. It’s a real internal struggle.

I think a skill-based battle pass progression system would really help with this. Giving more battle pass XP based on your in-game score rather than arbitrary challenges would really help, as then if you have a good game, you can rank up the battle pass while feeling “rewarded” for your good play, and it would help mitigate the frustration of feeling “stuck” at your current skill level.

in b4 “dopamine junkie” and “get gud, scrub”