I would buy my first Shop-Item if

The armor coating “expressive soul” looks soooo good. It looks beautiful. But i wont buy it because I can only use it for Yoroi and I want to have this color scheme for every armor core. So again, no money spent.

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Even better with Kabuto helmet:


i’d personaly buy someone… if the price was like 5-8 not 10-20, that’s just ridiculous

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Yup. I’d have spent money if the prices were 25-50% lower, or the coatings/cosmetics were equippable cross core

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I would buy items if they were cross core and much cheaper as they are priced now. We are talking about cosmetics, nothing else.

I would buy something like the MCC H3 ‘Legendary Emblem’ backpack. All the store stuff so far has either been Reach armor that was never my fav or totally wacky stuff that hasn’t quite been up my alley.

Honestly my favourite customization item I have is the free HCS twitch drop armor coating. The green/black primary with metallic gold accents looks ssssooo good on my MkV armor core.

only if they lower the prices, I would spend more than 20 bucks but not in 1 “pack”