I would be way more incentived to buy things in the shop and support the game if it was half of the current price (350/500/750/1000 cr instead of 700/1000/1500/2000)

I’m willing to support the game and want it to have a lot of new maps/vehicles/weapons/armors for the next years but so far the prices in the shop don’t incentive me at all to buy anything.

Psychologically, I feel like it’s too much compared to what I get. Maybe this is the case for other people ?

I would be more incentived to buy something if Halo Infinite was using this price model:

  • 100 (boost/swap)
  • 350 (daily)
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000

Currently it’s:

  • 200
  • 700
  • 1000
  • 1500
  • 2000

It’s just too much in my own opinion.


I agree man. I remember in the good old day you could pay a nice small price and get cool customization. I want those days back. Like in CoD Black Ops 2 you could spend $2.99 and get the Benjamin’s weapon skin and reticles for all weapons and reticles.

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Oh yeah, typically I have poor self control with microtransactions. Here? I might as well not spend any money cause I don’t get anything.

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What they could have done… Is sell us a finished game. With plenty of content and armour.
Then they could get away with the battle pass and store.

For example, the 2000 cr (18€ for me) in the shop today is:

  • an outro pose
  • an armor coating
  • a little accessory for the helmet

For this price, I would expect more (although this is my first F2P game so unsure if Halo Infinite is doing the same compared to the other F2P on the market. Maybe it’s a common thing).

I would imagine this to be more like 900 or 1000 cr.

I don’t know. I’d only be twice incentivized, which really isn’t that good still. I’d be 10 times incentivized if it was a 10th the price. Now, those would be good odds.
20,70,100,150,200. Then, armor bundles would be a couple dollars which is what they are really worth.

The prices are even more ludicrous when you consider that the asking price for the campaign is roughly equivalent to 7,000 credits. For the price of an entire AAA game you can get… seven weapon skins, charms, and some backgrounds! What a deal!


Yeah, I was totally going to buy the ninja stuff today.
Til I saw it was $7. No thanks, I can keep playing for free. Hell, the wholeass BATTLE PASS was $10 and there’s a metric -Yoink!--ton more content there.

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I think it’s all about balance. A price high enough to support the F2P model and the future content updates, low enough to give the player the sentiment it’s worth it and fair.

I agree. Everything should be 1/2 the cost and the Battle Pass / Event Pass needs the EXP/Swaps condensed and thinned out.