I wont be buying another battlepass

Honestly, it’s not the slowness of earning XP. It’s that literally nothing in these battle passes feel worth anything. Unlocking a coating for a particular weapon? Or multiple times for different cores? The amour designs just don’t pop with uniqueness like the older halos. Spartans don’t feel unique, at all. Overall I fundamentally don’t like it. I don’t see how you can even make “tweaks” to fix these issues. Just hope I can enjoy the campaign, probably will get bored with MP in a month.


Yea the same coatings for different cores is dumb, as well as not being able to mix and match items from cores. The skins for each weapon don’t really bother me but I can see your perspective at least.

I think as we make complaints heard more and more we will get more that core flexibility over time (who knows when), skin per weapon will likely stay though. More armors will come for sure, hopefully complaints will make more come faster and some thrown on the free portion of the pass. I still think they could easily do 2 free armor cores at least per pass and another 2-3 paid ones. Remember we had 250+ helmets in h5…even after a year that would still only be 8-20 variations from season passes (assumption 4 pass per year). We will have random events too and of course store armor - so ideally it would be better if they gave us a way to get credits for store items. Should be tied to weeklies or ranked division finishes.


The reasons Spartans don’t feel unique like in the past is due to the shear lack of volume we currently have. If things don’t change (as in the amount of content per BP) we will likely have to wait until the 4th BP is released before things start to feel a bit better.


100% if you buy the battlepass you should have special armors and coatings etc & you unlock everything… You spend money on something that you still have to unlock lol never spending my hard cash on that every again.


I ain’t sticking around for 4 seasons and a little bit of hope. Yeah, Halo Infinite is good and fun… but not that good lmao. Much better places to invest my time and money. I’ll just get a trial of game pass to play the campaign, beat it, and be done with Halo.


I do believe the full BP isn’t even released, I think there is 120 levels. The remaining BP will be released on launch.

yeah, doesn’t feel like I’m earing something, next BP I´ll check twice before purchase

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I’m hoping the 2nd BP offers a lot more. If 75% of the BP were filled with items I think I would be happy. The current BP features 59/166 items that are pure filler, and that’s just counting the XP boosts and challenge swaps. There are a lot of items in there that many (myself included) just do not care about such as weapon charms, back drops, emblems, AI colours, armour coatings, etc.

I feel as though many of these “filler” items could still come with the BP but should be bundled together so that there is more actual content. That, and Shoulder pieces need to come as a bundle so they don’t take up two levels of the pass.

343i literally said there will not be more content on launch.


Show me where they said this, cause this is false.

Where did you hear this from?

It was a leak back in october

First off, it is you who has the burden of proof of them claiming they ARE releasing more content. Not for me to prove they are not. Second off, exactly that… They released a whole article, which I am not allowed to link, but here is a quote:

While you may experience some bumps and bugs during this beta period, it does mark the official start of Halo Infinite Season 1, with all day-one maps and modes enabled as well as the full Season 1 Battle Pass.

FULL season 1 battlepass. DAY-ONE maps and modes.

Let me make this a little easier for you to understand. There were leaks in September/October about the BP.

And no, you made a statement saying their will be no content on launch. What you quoted does not claim this, only that what we have now is technically what would of launched on dec 8. well guess what, it launched earlier and you bet your -Yoink!- there will be updates/content on the actual launch.

That quote is from the blog titled something like “welcome too the infinite beta” it is in the news section here on waypoint. Go check it out. This is Joe Staten in an official blog on the day of the “beta” release that we’re seeing the full battle pass. Why would I trust an unofficial leak a month or two prior over that?


I don’t see the point in buying the BP for the simple reason that the content you unlock is crap. It also means that I couldn’t care less about XP or levelling up which a lot of ppl on here seem to be very pissed off about. The cost of the BP is the same as the cost for one of those shiny HCS skins…and if they do the right and honourable thing of implementing platform crossplay toggle then I’ll support the game by buying one of them rather than the BP.

I understand where you’re coming from. However, this is literally the first season. They’ll probably add better, more unique, armors in the future.

Let me make this a little easier for you to understand.

You are using a ‘leak’ as definitive proof of something, the company themselves has only said in the contrary. Yes, it claims EXACTLY that buddy. Live in denial. Be disappointed at launch. Then what will your excuse be? What a joke man :rofl:

I don’t need an excuse. I’m basing it off of them not being complete morons. Come Dec. 8th, the official launch. If they do not add content/big updates, it would be a MASSIVE mistake and everyone knows it. From a business perspective, they’ve had a month to collect feedback and do something about it.

So, you really think they’re going to sit on their hands and have nothing to give on the actual launch? I just don’t think they’re that stupid.

They are. They have shown to be. Again, the only thing you will see at launch is campaign related content.

How you can’t see your argument is based solely on wishful thinking is beyond me, and goes against any credibility your opinion might have had.