I wonder what the h online armor would look like

In full production as in they make the changes to match the mark VII platform I imagine some would be slightly modified versions like warrior, soilder, air assault, and aviator or massive changes like deadeye or just scraped in favor of an existing variant like maybe hive mind was meant for full production but was canned for hazop instead or maybe they never made it past the testing phase who knows

Some of the Halo Online armors started full-production for the Gen2 platform. It’s entirely possible that some of those armors from Operation: Anvil would be brought back and fully implemented on a Gen3 platform, assuming the armors had a proper and clear function and good reason for being placed in full production. Some of them I can see parallels in, for example Tanker could’ve become Atlas as they’re very similar armors in terms of function and roles. Now that we’re overhauling the MJOLNIR armors into the next generation against a new and brutal enemy, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see some old projects resurface. No doubt ONI has already been in talks with the Swords of Sangheilios trying to find ways to combat Cortana and the Banished, and it could be that they’re pooling their resources again into MJOLNIR variants for Spartans and maybe even MJOLNIR for Sangheili.

I would hope to see some of them passed onto the GEN III platform in Halo Infinite but I don’t think all should be added.