I Wonder if We'll See Classic Halo 3 Cosmetics Return?

We have had variants of Halo 3 armour appear in games since Halo 3’s release such as the EOD helmet and Scout shoulders, but none of the classic pieces has ever returned in a Halo game.

  • Recon shoulders and chest plate.
  • Scout shoulders and chest plate.
  • CQB chest plate.
  • Rogue helmet.
  • EVA helmet.
  • Hayabusa (though for legal reasons).

With Halo: Infinite looking like it is going to stay a while, it would be great if these cosmetics could return.

I’d at least like the Hayabusa and CQB Shoulders at least…

Some more Chest options couldn’t hurt either honestly…

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I agree about the chest pieces. Because Rogue only had a helmet in Halo 3, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for 343i to create a chest piece for it and some shoulders to complete the look.

Yeah, as if the shop isn’t doing way better than the rest of the game.