I wonder if there will be more future DLC..


That has nothing to do about future DLC, but it just reminded my about the GRD helmet. What ever happened to that? Well, Anniversary is a completely different game than Reach, and every was saying that it was impossible to add armor DLC to Reach.
But who said it wasn’t possible for Anniversary? 343 could have added the GRD helmet to Anniversary, and it could be DLC later on. Thoughts?

Also, since it’s such a long time till Halo 4, my hunch is that 343 will be remaking even more multiplayer maps from Halo CE Halo 2 for Anniversary. Maybe even another Firefight map.

Most likely not, last time I saw a thread asking this question, some one from 343i, I think it was BS Angle said that they’re going to focus on Halo 4 once Halo CEA was released, but They might pull a fast one on every one and squeeze out one last DLC for Reach.

Yea makes sense for a new dlc, maybe around may, anyways it would be awesome for a remastered version of blood gulch, what I’ve always wanted from halo was a campaign dlc, it would be awesome to relive the novel the flood as an odst or something idk

There’s not going to be any DLC for this, just like there was no DLC for Halo: ODST.