I wonder if the Crashed Guardian will be a plot-point somewhere down the line?

I just beat Halo Infinite (No I am not spoiling it for anyone, just gonna say that you will want to wait until the after-credits scene).

During my explorations of the map, I noticed that far to the south of the playable islands is a crashed Forerunner Guardian as a vista landmark.

I wonder if this will be a plot element in another part of the Master Chief’s campaign further down Halo Infinite’s updates or if it will be a central plot-point in a DLC spin-off camapaign starring another iconic set of characters from the franchise; such as Buck and Alpha-Nine or Jun-A266 and Noble Team in an effort to eliminate the Guardian from the playing field?

Thoughts anyone?


I had a similar thought.

If you look closely, there are 3 major ‘islands’ floating not too far away, the southern most with a Guardian on it, one to the south-east, and one to the east.
Each has a Banished Cruiser floating above it as well, just like the one floating high above the main map.

Now, these could obviously be related to stuff they had to cut from the game, but I have a feeling they could be used as sort of ‘mid-sized DLC’ while waiting for the next major Campaign to drop (potentially whatever Halo: The Endless is). If the next main campaign is say, Fall 2023, they could do an island every 6 months between now and then.

Story wise, I got the feeling Locke, and the rest of Osiris, were on a mission away from the Halo. Jun maybe, but the rest of Noble are KIA, so doubtful. I think it would be more likely that Chief would detect some kind of UNSC signal from FOB Tramonius, which would have him go an investigate with the Pilot, running into new HVTs and rescuing more Infinity crew members.


Isn’t Locke dead? Like his helmet is branded on the shoulder-piece of one of the Spartan Hunter Brutes.

And what I mean by Noble is that it could be revived in a sense. Spartan Jun-A266 survived Reach. Spartan Rosenda-A344 was planned to be in Halo Reach but was scrapped from the team, much like Thom. So they were changed in the lore. Thom was the previous Noble 6 you replace and Rosenda is now a replacement should Emile’s recklessness require a transfer out of the team or he is registered as “M.I.A.”, making her the new Noble 4.

I thought that was a guardian. I did have a thought that mabey the banished would try to get one working for their own purpose. Would be a good dlc

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What i want to know os how Atriox and the brutes even got anywhere near Cortana… she had all them gaurdians at her disposal so what happened to all of them?! How did they all just disappear or end up destroyed?! I dont think there will be any mention of the gaurdians or real explanation of what happened to them and blue team and osirus but i am glad its just master chief now and his A.I like the old days i hated the way halo 5 all of a sudden threw blue team and osirus into the games with no back story in the game explaining there sudden appearances but whats more annoying is again characters not answered for on screen nothing explaining in game what happened to certain characters like blue team halsey laskey osirus etc

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Her guardians were too focused on policing their homeworlds and colonies. Only one we know of was at Zeta Halo. And Atriox caught her off guard probably with stealth camo and misdirection by false communications.

So I think what happened is sometime during the 6 months Chief was down, the weapon somehow made it to Zeta Halo (remember in the opening cutscene the halo was intact), and the weapon had locked Cortana down so she’s unable to do anything else except whatever she could do at the silent auditorium. I think Atriox took the opportunity to destroy Infinity (I’m guessing that it was somehow weakened in some other battle??).

So this is how Atriox was able to catch Cortana off guard, after the weapon had locked her down. So then she disabled the weapon’s deletion protocol (the weapon was supposed to delete herself after completing her mission), then destroyed the halo ring.