I Wonder, Can Unused Codes Now Be Considered as Collector's Items?

I have an unused Halo 4 - Champions Bundle DLC code and a unused Halo: Reach bonus content code which (would have) given the player the third attachment of the Recon helmet.

I’m not saying that these will now shoot up in price, because they are, for all intents and purposes, quite useless now. But I was wondering if they could be considered as collector’s items now.

They likely couldn’t be redeemed before this either. Even if they could how would the unused unredeemable code be different than the used unredeemable code?

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Well the Halo 4 GOTY Edition I got the code in was still sealed, and the bonus content for Halo: Reach was unscratched, and neither have an expiry date which is usually present in the small print (I couldn’t see one, at any rate, and I did thoroughly check).

As to your question, well, unless I’m interpreting it wrong, if the codes were unredeemable before the servers shut down, then there is no difference. If they weren’t then they would obviously provide the additional content. It’s a question we will never truly know the answer to now though, really.

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Collectable? Yes. Valuable? No. Special? Surely.

Frame it that way anyone who looks upon it will bask in its glory

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I’ve already done that, lol. The Halo: Reach bonus content sits as a centerpiece of my Recon collection.