i wish you could do this with loadouts

i wish tactical packages and support upgrades were all on the same list. so i could get ammo and awareness, or wheelman and mobility.

what would have been the bees knees is if you could either pick 1 AA and 2 of the above, 3 of the above, or 2 AA’s. you’d have to map a secondary AA to the d-pad, but it might be fun.

it’d break the game, but it’s already pretty broken :smiley:

> it’d break the game, but it’s already pretty broken :smiley:

You know…that’s actually pretty genius. If 343i wants to break Halo, don’t just chop it up in a few pieces, nuke it into oblivion!

Eh, I’ve had fantasies about having Hardlight Shield and Regeneration at the same time.

But yeah, way too broken.

The way perks are in Halo 4 seems fine to me, what you suggested there is a bit outlandish.

On a side note, Halo 4 should have had only one personal loadout. Having five loadouts to customize is overkill… AT LEAST give us the option to disable certain personal loadouts in the gametype settings, just like we can with game loadouts.

they don’t have to have it on EVERY playlist. i think they’d do well to have some pro BT, BT objective, etc. i don’t think the loadout system is horrible, but they should definitely rethink some of the playlists those are on.