I wish I could play other modes rather than Slayer

Hi everyone, I’m a long time Brazilian Halo fan and I’m here to express my frustration with the current matchmaking system in H5. I bought the game in day one, and since then I’m having trouble finding matches. Where I live, video games are pretty expensive, and the main reason I bought a Xbox One was just to play this game. Leaving aside all the other problems in the game, I was willing to play the other game types like Warzone, BTB, FFA, Breakout and so on, for I’ve played too much Slayer and got a little tired of it. In the very first weeks after launch, I found matches in almost every modes, but not I just can’t find them anymore… Until now, I was lucky to play Warzone some times and was able to play once (miracle) on the new Battle of Noctus map. Yet, the new maps in BTB that I was really hyped about, I never had the chance to play. For what I’ve seen, a lot of people outside USA are having the same problem, but I think that here, in South America, it’s a little harder, because here Halo it’s not so popular. It’s really sad for me to think that I’ve spent money in a game that I can’t even play totally and to see that 343 is destroying my favorite franchise ever. I hope that they remove the local search, because in other FPS games it is not so aggressive and I can play good quality matches with people from all places. I would like to know if you guys know when (or if) they’re going to fix it and if you know some way to get around this problem.

I’ve been saying this since launch. I think it is just straight up crazy to release the game without people being able to select from CTF, Strongholds, Slayer so on and so forth.

Don’t even bother trying to get some reply, this issue is known since weeks ago but 343 just seems to be not giving any -Yoinks!- about the south American community, I regret the moment I paid so much for this piece of -Yoink-… I never thought I’d miss Bungie but how wrong I was