I wish Halo 4 was more like Halo

Just kidding, Halo 4 is a good game. But there are things I wish werent like there are right now.

I wish the helmets could still have attachement, and io wish the visors werent so odd looking, and the helmets themselves look more alien then human, and in the books the “spartans” armor looked like the ancient spartan warriors.

and the Ordinance… it makes the game unfair to me. I read in a older post about this the person said the guy with the bigger gun wins now. and I agree, if you get your ordinany and all you get is grenades, sprint, and something else like a needler (which is still a great gun) and you come yp against a guy with a promethean canon. your done…

I hope 343i is reading all these posts, and is taking them all into consideration for there next game. I hope they dont ignore everyone and make Halo 5 a spectacular game! I beleive they can.

and I wish the SMG is in halo 5 too… js

dont hate, I just saying ^ comment and state your opinions. wouldnt doubt if im wrong about anything.


Sad thing about H4’s pacing, the long shield recharge start up time leaves people even more vulnerable.

Yeah. I enjoyed my helmet attachments. But they wouldn’t work with helmets that we have now. Each helmet is a little too big or oddly shaped and not ment to be tampered with. I like the scout helmet, but an attachment would look wrong because of the way it’s angled.

If 343i listens to what we’re saying (the sensible things. I’m sick of people hating on the DMR because they liked Halo 3 better than Reach), Halo 5 might turn out okay. The fan base will be very timid and slowly approach give Halo another chance if they can tell 343i made the next Halo with them in mind. I wont be preordering, but if it turn out to be good, I’ll get it and then probably end up preordering Halo 6, if all goes well.