I will say this bout infinite feasita

It truly embraces the random aspect of it not only weapons but on some maps vehicles too and random equipment add in random grenades and infinite feiesta would be better then any past versions


I am enjoying fiesta very much. I like that equipment is also included with the random. Random grenads would be sweet too, however I’m glad there is NOT any grenades on the map to be picked up.

Haven’t played a map with random vehicles yet, can’t wait though.


I’m not liking Fiesta in Infinite, and it was my favorite game-type in Halo 5. I cannot figure out why I don’t like it. Maybe more weapons added later on down the line will improve it.

Let’s just say it’s gonna be a pa uc moment when you see a tank or wraith on a 4v4 map or a banshee or a wasp

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I will applaud fiesta for getting me the weapons I need for my challenges more than playing the regular game lol.


Fiesta is great fun. Only downside was some spawning concerns; camped near a spawn area while the other team pushed near perfect accuracy ratings and power weapons.

Sadly it’s a timed event, but then again if it wasn’t everyone would just play this to get weapon challenges and nothing else.

yeah spawning needs work on all modes

My favourite thing about Fiesta is tickling people & killing them with the Disruptor when they had a power weapon. (★‿★)

Literally the only thing bad about the fiesta playlist is it’s limited time and no player collision :wink:

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