I Will Not Play Halo Infinite

I will start by saying, I know no one cares, but I am going to vent regardless.
I converted from the Playstation to the Xbox for this franchise, own every game (not the VR app), special edition, consoles, and even convinced my wife to be announced at our wedding to the Halo Theme…needless to say, I’m a huge fan. I have really liked the work 343 has done up to this point. Of course there will always be decisions made you don’t love, but overall, they have done a great job…until now.
Something changed after Halo 5s lack luster reception and things went straight down hill, if not off a cliff. We wait 6 years to get another mainline Halo installment, which is twice as long as the longest previous drought. So after the extremely long wait, we are told that several MAJOR features will not be shipping with the game, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they lay a progression system on us for what will ship that is nothing short of grindy for the sake of being grindy. Oh wait…no it’s not, it’s to try to get players to buy these ridiculously over priced armor sets from their store. So to recap, we had a 6 year wait to get a featureless, shell of a game that is free to play, but may also cost you your life savings. Yep, I’m out.
To be fair, the game play is really good, and the game can be fun, but I’m not going to wade through the greed for it.

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Sorry to see you go, I hope you’ll return to the series one day.

Me too. They can right the ship, but will they is the question.

Best of luck on future projects