I went back to Halo 3 today...

So I went back to Halo 3 today to play some ranked TS with my buds…and it ruled. Most fun I’ve had on Halo in a loooong long time. Those tight, insanely tense moments where the score is 48-49 and your team ends up clutching it, or whipping out a ridiculous comeback from a 15 kill deficit just do not happen anymore. I think Halo 4 is decent, but really it has just lost its feel and overall attention to teamwork, strategy, and skill. Maybe Halo 5 will shape up, but I’m almost positive it will just contain another collection of useless gimmicks…

Yeah, I play Halo 3 the most just because of those moments, the rush to the victory! :smiley:

Yeah I went back to Halo 3 a week ago. Its shocking how much better it plays. I figured everyone just had nostalgia, but no, its just better. Even with the derankers and all that nonsense.

I’m thinking of going back to this game for a while too, but I admit I enjoy Halo 4 very much, is Halo 3 as grand as it was back then? Are these words you guys speak of true? I have very good memories of this game; countless hours at nights with friends, sleepless weekends, and never getting tired of it!

About a year ago, someone broke my Halo 3 CD. That nearly broke my heart. But, as of yesterday, I have been reunited with my favorite game- and even better than the old, I got the Halo3 Limited Addition version! I beat the entire campaign last night. That nostalgic feeling.
I do love Halo 4, and I always will, 343 did a fantastic job! But everyone has their favorites. Mine is Halo 3. The game just gives you a feeling that words can’t describe, and, to me, Halo 4 didn’t capture that feeling. I don’t know why. Its just not the same.

halo 3 the place where I would get raped by just about everything but did not care. I’m not joking either my old rank on it was only Corporal, Grade 1 and I had not even beat the campaign on normal or heroic or even legendary by my self. I still was a good game and right now I’m building up to it by playing halo 1 and 2 again.

I had to re-buy this game because my old disc was scratched way to much due to overuse. I am a Captain Grade 3. Been that way for 5 years now, I wanna beat the campaign all over again.

And play some Multiplayer once I get enough download space on my HDD.

I started playing halo 3 agin yesterday just because I didnt have anything better to do but with just five minutes of singleplayer I was already so pulled in to the game so that the only reason Im not playing the game all the time is because i whould oerheat my xbox 360 in the prosess. The best 15.00$ I`ve ever spent.

I still love to play Halo 3.

I just went out today and bought Halo 3 again from a local game store for $7.99. And I agree Halo 3 is still awesome. Technically I’m better at Halo 4. But I have had a funner time playing H3 in the last three hours than the combined last three months of Halo 4. Best $7.99 I’ve spent in awhile.

Halo 3 is best. If you like H4 or Reach, you hate Halo.