I, We should be grateful

Earlier today I learned that I would not be able to attend the midnight launch for Halo 4. I also learned that I wouldn’t be able to play it for nearly a week after that. I was angry, dissapointed, selfish even. But its not until now that I remembered a thread a few days ago on the forums that told of a Halo fan named Cade. Cade apparently has some form if cancer I can’t recall, but was nevertheless life-threatening. It is believed that Cade won’t make it until Halo 4 is released this year, but the forums have banded together to see that 343 does Cade a favor in letting him play Halo 4 early so he doesn’t miss it. We should all be grateful that we ourselves can even get a new Halo series, let alone Halo 4. So this goes to all these threads about “Oh I hate this” and “Oh I hate that”. Cade’s days have been numbered. OUR days have been numbered. Death can strike at any given time, at anyone. If Cade doesn’t make it, all we do is Yoink! on his grave when we argue about “Call of Duty in Space”

I saw that thread, BS Angel posted on it about something, forgot what, but it was a good thing.

BS Angel told the guy who started the thread to contact her, and she also mentioned that 343 works with the Make-A-Wish foundation. That being said, we don’t need ANOTHER thread about someone who we honestly have no idea if he is really even sick, or if this is just an elaborate troll. The person who created the thread was a new account, his friend that “knew” Cade was a new account, not posting in any other thread besides that specific one, and the only proof he showed was a “make it yourself” blog dedicated to Cade, something I could do in 5 minutes. It’s really sad if in fact this is true, but if not it’s just pathetic. I withhold judgement til I see further proof, but something just doesn’t seem right about especially when the thread was created right after the podcast saying 343 would possibly let a select few fans play Halo 4 early.