i wasted 65 Pounds on the Limited Edition

I loved Halo, and loved Reach, but I feel that I got ripped off :frowning: While I didn’t mind the armour (I do use it) I felt that I should of got a little more as well as the journal. I look back a year and think ‘Damn…’

Like maybe a book or something? Contact Harvest…? Onyx…? Anything!

> Like maybe a book or something? Contact Harvest…? Onyx…? Anything!

Why would that ship with a Halo: Reach Limited Edition, it is completely unrelated.

I found the Journal to be interesting, I have still to this day not actually finished it because I have been generally busy, but it tells me a lot from when I last read it.

PS: My reply to you seems to have vanished, odd.

While I dont feel like finding the exact conversion for dollars to pounds,if you think about it the base game was about 40 pounds(give or take 5 pounds)so really if you were not happy with the extras,you only wasted about 20 pounds(give or take 5 pounds).I hope that makes you feel about 60% better =)

I bought the Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Slim Edition.

Haven’t regreted it even for a moment :stuck_out_tongue:

I was able to get the Legendary edition for $50 from Best Buy. I have no idea why it was so cheap, but I couldn’t pass it up. I have yet to give the journal a good look, but the statue is pretty sick.


And you’ve got absolutely no value from that game that came along with it?

you get halsey’s book. Worth 20$ to me, plus I got a 2 day and some armor. Worth it.

That’s only like 2 pounds