I wasted 260K Req points yesterday. (343 PLZ READ)

So yesterday 343 released the armory pack with 14 different skins. If you were one of the lucky players to have everything unlocked you were suppose to get 5 skins per pack. So you would spend 235K because you would have got one 5K req point card back on your 3rd pack. Unfornatly if you bought the pack when it came out there was a gltich where you would get three 5k gold packs back, So i ended up having to buy 5 packs to get the weapon skins (bought the 6 one later in the night and got 4 skins) only unlocking 2 skins every pack. Has 343 said anything about reimbursing ppl who wasted the REQ points or anything at all? I would really love to have my wasted req points back or atleast a apology from someone.

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I think it was 2 new skins per pack, and then 3 non-new skins per pack (or 5k RP) Waste of money/RP.

Basically you should only go for the expensive stuff if the mainstream packs have given you about everything they can give.

Nothing that anyone has said yet has been helpful OP, but I got you.

Look on reddit, there is a thread about this where there’s a place to drop your gamertag for 343 to say.

Also, pro tip; next time, when a pack like this doesn’t work the first time, don’t buy 5 more…Wait until its fixed. You would have saved yourself a lot of RP if you would have just stopped when you saw that there was a problem…

Yep, go find the reddit thread at this point.