i was sent me the wrong code. please help.

so i received an email last night and the topic was “here is your gift from xbox live” i opened the email and it shows a picture of master chiefs helmet and says halo 4 at the bottom. when i clicked the button “heres your free gift” it brings me to a page with this code 3RCR7-TJJ67-GY33H-CQRT9-DYYCZ and says redeem. when i redeemed it, it was for 80 microsoft points… i spent and hour on the phone with microsoft support and he believes it was a mix up but the only way i can get it fixed is on these forums. ive also talked to 5 of my friends who also received the identical email but their codes were for the specializations, i have over 5 days of gameplay on halo 4 multiplayer and have been at lv 70 for 2 weeks. ive been playing it from launch day so i obviously meet the requirements to unlock all the specializations. please help!


I haven’t gotten my code so I can’t help you there but I just want to ask, did you mean to say 800 microsoft points or did they actual give you 80?


nope it was 80 not 800 lol

It wasn’t the code for the specializations. It would say so in the subject. XBL just sends out random e-mails occasionally to members with avatar items or free MS points inside. You got lucky. Just wait for the specializations.

the email was identical in every way as the email for specializations and it just happened to come out on the 30th? thats a bit to much of a coincidence and the guy on the phone from xbox live support said he thought it was a mistake.