I was literally watching lemmings.

Attack on Sanctum. I was busy mopping up the grunts, this Mythic by the way. After finishing up the last of them, I came inside to help but wanted to clear the kigyar and sword elites first on the bottom then make sure that those two camping kigyars with the beam rifles were not still alive. Wave after waves of spartans, were getting one shot zaps. Same people came back to yolo once more, thirds even. I decided to back off, but tried to peek, ZAP I’m DRT. Came back, saw a guy ignore the mass piles of dead spartans because he wanted the sword I had, ZAP. Yep, DRT too.

Next round, same guy, see’s me deaded by a splinter promethean that I turned into a shot, kills, and ignores my Plasma Caster. Huh?? I was like, take that bad boy and take out the knight bosses, IDGAF, use it to help us while I respawn with another one. Nope. I spawn using a random card, got a hydra and the last boss is on the base. So I decided to use the ramp thingy to get on top. Nope, a random did it too right before me but decides to derp and use the hover aim thing with his nerf dart BR, leab=ving me helpless to fall tom the ground. Piles of crawlers. Yep, I’m dead. I just accept my fate, whatever.

Game moves on, we make it to round five. I got nailed by a wraith boss that I took down most of it’s health by MYSELF alone, no credit at all. Thanks. Respawn into the other side garage base, full of elites. Nice, thanks 343, great way to spawn and get camped killed by the AI. It’s no surprise that we couldn’t finish round five, everyone was dead and decided not to come back for a few seconds of forsaken game play. I looked at the stats, as I always do. I died six times. I was like, damn I sucked, then noticed I was the top player and the only one in the positives with the KDA’s. Also noticed that the nest with the least amount of deaths was 11. Eleven. Highest was 17. Seventeen…two even that died the same amount of 17. Good grief.

Does anyone want to play FF and not be a lemming? Sheesh.