I was here before 343i took over halo

Sign here. Before 343i take over halo then you can say i was here before 343i took over halo. Plus we will be able to pick out the trolls more easy when they come here because i aint seen one yet :slight_smile:

Onyx Conor

PS i know its a stupid topic. But its something for all of us to do :slight_smile:

I was here since Day 1 of Halo CE but I wouldnt want to seperate the community ya know

This will do nothing besides separate the community. 343 will weed out undesirables. All who come here to talk about Halo and obey the rules should be welcomed with open arms.



You just earned my respect.

How about I was here before Halo 3. Seems like most of the Reach kids are avid H3 players.

We are all part of this great Halo community. And no matter when you joined this forum, everyone is equally welcome! :slight_smile: