I was half expecting Buck to be a Spartan

Is it just me, or was anybody expecting Buck to be a Spartan in Halo 4? It seemed so plausible, with the new IV program and all, I was actually thinking he would make an appearance in the game this way.

Maybe he will return in halo 5 as an ODST with a better rank.

heh. if there’s ever another odst, i do hope that buck and some of his team are involved, possibly as spartan IV’s. i love the epicness of 3’s campaign, but odst’s campaign in general was a very interesting twist on the typical halo game and probably my favorite. even just wandering the streets of the recently ruined and covenant-occupied new mombasa was just sweet.

taking on hoards of enemies from angles of your choosing. the look. the vulnerable feel of not having a spartan’s armor or even spawning with any sort of precision weapon (well, i guess the silenced pistol counts, and it was a sweet weapon but lacked the power of a BR. you had to go out looking for a carbine or either sniper to really do some damage). the dark and jazz-inspired soundtrack. epic.

Becoming a Spartan IV would be too mainstream for Buck. He doesn’t need tissue paper to be a badass.

ha that would have been awesome. ODST was one of my favorite campaigns