I was curious how popular the cores/helmets were so I tallied them between matches this week. Here are the results:

Total Players: 424

Mark VII Core: 273 Users (64.4% of cores being used)

  • Mark VII: 95 (34.8% of Mark VII, 22.4% Total)
  • Trailblazer: 14 (5.1% of Mark VII, 3.3% Total)
  • Mark V Zeta: 51 (18.7% of Mark VII, 12% Total)
  • Cavallino: 74 (27.1% of Mark VII, 17.5% Total)
  • Aviator: 12 (4.4% of Mark VII, 2.8% Total)
  • Firefall: 9 (3.3% of Mark VII, 2.1% Total)
  • Zvezda: 8 (2.9% of Mark VII, 1.9% Total)
  • Gungnir: 4 (1.5% of Mark VII Helmets, 0.9% Total)
  • Anubis: 4 (1.5% of Mark VII, 0.9% Total)
  • Soldier: 2 (0.7% of Mark VII, 0.5% Total)

Bolded items are part of store bundles.

Mark V Core: 102 Users (24.1% of cores being used)

  • EVA (Emile): 22 (21.6% of Mark V, 5.2% Total)
  • ODST: 8 (7.8% of Mark V, 1.9% Total)
  • Mark VI: 21 (20.6% of Mark V, 5% Total)
  • EVA: 11 (10.8% of Mark V, 2.6% Total)
  • Recon: 9 (8.8% of Mark V, 2.1% Total)
  • Scout: 7 (6.9% of Mark V, 1.7% Total)
  • Mark V [B]: 4 (3.9% of Mark V, 0.9% Total)
  • Commando: 15 (14.7% of Mark V, 3.5% Total)
  • Grenadier: 5 (4.9% of Mark V, 1.2% Total)

Yoroi Core: 49 Users (11.6% of cores being used):

  • Hikeshi: 13 (26.5% of Yoroi, 3.1% Total)
  • Kabuto: 21 (42.9% of Yoroi, 5% Total)
  • Yokai: 15 (30.6% of Yoroi, 3.5% Total)

Never saw a Hazop, Air Assault, Chonmage, or an ISR.

Some takeaways:

  • Both the Mark 5 core and the Yoroi core were less popular than I thought they were.
  • The helmets tied to bundles in the shop were significantly less popular than I anticipated (6.3% of total).
  • The Mark V Zeta, Mark VII, and Cavallino account for over 50% of the helmets. I was expecting an advantage here because they were free and don’t require that much effort to get, but holy crap.
  • In the Mark VII core, it’s just those 3 helmets that are really popular. The Mark V core is not evenly spread by any means but it’s a bit more uniform, with Emile’s helmet and the Mark VI helmet being the most popular.
  • I didn’t expect that Mark VI and Emile’s Helmet are roughly equally popular. Same goes for Gungnir and Anubis, or Recon and Scout (though I might need a bigger sample size here to really figure that out).
  • Because your options tend to be limited on the Fracture Armor, I’m betting the new steampunkish core for Season 2 will also only be 7-10% of total players using it.

Full disclosure, this is a cross-post from reddit in case anyone else found this interesting.

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But fr, this is interesting data. Do you plan to keep going? Or looking at more than helmets?
Also would be a cool idea to denote which items are paid and which are free.

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This sample will stop on Tuesday morning. In mid-October I’ll do this again when everyone’s got a chance to climb the ranks, just to make sure everyone’s picking the armor that they like the most.

If I look at more than helmets I would need some software assistance of some kind. The nice thing about tallying this is that it takes less time to tally then my loading times for matches do. Adding other pieces would very quickly get time consuming.

Also def true about paid and not paid items, will edit that in

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