I was banned but the hammer didn't strike?

I was playing a game of grifball and in most cases I do pretty well, I was using the gravity hammer. I accidentally betrayed a teammate and was kicked and that game session. So I went to go play a different game of grifball and after my team had won the game and I was showing the players standing together I was kicked and banned from Halo 5: Guardians. I was extremely pissed because not only that I waste a boost but I never received my REQ points. I know this may make me sound like I am whining or trying to scam but please trust me. I feel there should be something done about the gravity hammer and friendly fire. I am not 100% sure what should be done but I must let others know as well if you get killed by a gravity hammer in grifball it was most likely an accident!!

Please use the pinned official ban thread for discussing bans:

What he said. ^