I was actually amped you can drop weapons in halo infinite but i couldnt figure it out

I was like ok, you cant teamkill. but the trade off is if your out of ammo or if you want to hand over a gun you can. but theres no keybind for it on keyboard. until I fiddled around. and I am making this just to say its HOLD V. which is switch weapon. I also think you can press V and press mouse wheel up or down because they both switch weapon and will force a long press.

Console players can’t even drop weapons by default we have to unbind a button to use it. ಥ_ಥ

I mean, controls are fully customizable so you can bind it to whatever key you want; but yeah it can also be done by holding the swap weapons button.

That’s not true just hold Y


Yeah at least on Controller it is just bind to holding down the weaponswap.

Today I learned (⊙o⊙)

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the newer controllers have like 5 paddles you can bind those.

It’s a neat ability to have I just wish you could drop both your weapons as well as make it so you can choose to spawn with no weapon in customs as that could make for some fun moments since as seen in the tutorial you are able to melee when you have no weapon now

its just an awesome pairing. i duno if you can on the back of mongooses or whatever but ill look into it. since you could technically switch seats with q. toss em. and q back and drive away. hahaha

I didn’t play the tutorial, so I didn’t know this! So you’re saying… we can have a Halo Fight Club now?! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If they update custom games to allow us to spawn with no weapon or allow us to drop both weapons (currently you can only drop 1) then yes!! But as of right now no

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Ah, man… I re read the post and it was a wish due to an observation from the tutorial. I thought in older Halos you could do custom starts with nothing? Not all of them, but I thought in a few you could.

No as far as I recall it’s never been an option but in past games there have been glitches to get into a weapon-less state as well as modded gametypes that start with no weapons

there was a way to lower you gun to shoot red vs blue show. lol.

btw, you cant drop a weapon off from a vehicle they probably did that so you didnt accidentally drop it at full speed and half to turn around. so just get off and drop instead.

Yes you can, hold the Y button, it is also defaulted to X I thought. Mine was at least, but yeah everyone can drop guns game 1 no setting changes required this is just entirely wrong and misinformation

its suprising theres no bind for it but im assuming they used the regular xbox controller the new ones have extra paddles.

There is a bind for it. X on keyboard, Hold Y on xbox. It’s bound