I warned you to delay 343

with the lack of game modes/content you have made it so that people are more likely to leave your game in the shelf. even if you eventually release content later, it wont have a big impact as of that content that was supposed to be released on launch was actually released on launch. its about first impressions.
later when the big games hit, there will be nothing to stop halo 5 from falling, and it will fall.
if you had delayed the game to get those features on launch you might have had a better chance of keeping more of your population and maybe better reviews.
if you dont care for population then you are good and set but i am just saying.

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no one agrees?

343 cares very little about how long the population lasts. If a million people bought the game, played it for a day, and shelved it forever; then that’s still a million sales 343 made.

well there are people like me who wait to buy games so if the population isnt healthy than there may be a good reason why

Things like BTB, forge, and Social playlists are MANDATORY at launch. I am a little bit more “hardcore Halo” than most of the people I regularly play Xbox with, and most of them were turned off of the game halfway through day one because after getting their rank it was low and in order to play with me they were dragged into higher ranked games and got consistently beaten. Now I don’t have a consistent team to play with and it’s only day 3 since launch. They all say that when BTB is released they will come back, but is that what 343i really wants? I have no idea why 343i does anything that they do.

I do agree. I’d have happily waited another year for them to get it right. It speaks more volumes when developers realize that they can’t meet the deadline unless they release an unfinished product.
However, a lot of the times game developers have no control over deadlines and whether or not they can delay a game. Here’s a link to an article that enlightened me about game development. Makes me feel kind of…forgiving…to 343 for their shortcomings. Overall though, yes. Halo 5 should have been delayed.

They had three years to work on the game and somehow “forgot” or intentionally left out the post lobby menu where you can view the medls you earned in matchmaking
They’ve got all these new shiny medals for doing new and exciting things, but no where to view them after the game

Was this an over sight or an intentional thing?

yeah…unfortunately BLOPS3 is gonna take away Halo 5s population…or DESTINY…

There really is constant complaining, try posting in the problems thread. The only people talking here are the negative and very vocal minority. The fact that I find matches so fast is proof the population is healthy, if you aren’t for classic Halo then that’s fine, nobody else has to agree with you.