I want you guys to see this...

The Halo community historically great. However, I feel like this community (Specifically the Waypoint) has just hit rock bottom. On the front page there is never a post that doesn’t have, “OMG HALO 4 SUCKZZZ” “ERMAHGERD THE DMR/BOLTSHOT IS OP”. Back in June we used to debate new features but the a degree where it was all still bearable. Now it makes me shake my head when looking through these forums.

Today I saw something that literally brought a tear to my eye (Probably because I was listening to "Green and Blue while reading) on reddit.

This unfortunate spartan without the funds to buy halo 4 was asking for a small gift but ended up with a full on copy of Halo 4. While the material thing is cool, the action and selflessness of the community made me go, damn, I love this community.. I’m afraid these forums need these posts again; I see none in the avalanche of complaints. I love you guys, yes, even you who try to melee me on Ragnorok. Good day to you all.

Dispite all the bad stuff, This community is amazing.

That’s so beast.
That’s all I can say.

i know how you feel, i think there is a new majority of stupid, immature kids that post mindless complaints and responses. It ruins it for the people who have certain issues with the game and try to respond respectfully in a constructive criticism kind of way, just to get flooded with idiots responses and buried by cry babies threads, in truth i saw the same thing happen with diablo 3, on a much large and worse scale ofcourse, and it wasn’t very pretty concerning these waypoint forums specifically. But some of the best people ive dealt with, and best memories ive made online have been with halo as a whole, regardless of the forum peons.

To anyone that enjoyed the zombie labyrinth chase, or fat kid in halo 3. Those were some awesome memories


Thank you for showing me this. This is truly amazing.

-Yoinking!- awesome

The grammar and spelling around here has gone downhill a bit. I don’t have the cell phone version, so I am unsure if the forums are available through it, but there does seem to be an increase in texting-style posts.