I want to play with GOOD teammates.

For the past month or so, I have always been matched up with bad players. No matter how well I do in a game (with a spread of 20+), I always end up losing. This always happens with me, is it this bad with anybody else? :confused:

What playlists do you play in? You shouldn’t run into this problem in Arena.

You can add me if you want. My GT is the same as my username.

Im usually in the DLC playlists, MLG, TS or SWAT.

I’ll get the kid who’s never played halo before playing on his brother’s account.

Seriously. I’ll constantly get people who end in the negatives. ROCKS would make better teammates then some of the people I run into.

So you’re not winning, and not getting the win bonus cR.

But if we put you on a team with people just as cool as you, instead of going +20, you’re gonna go +10-+15ish, right?

So just remind yourself that it’s a small win bonus and what you aren’t getting with wins, you’re making up in your extra kills.

The system is setting up for close matches, not blow-outs, deal with it.