I want to play FFA with my party

I enjoy the variety of the Rumble Pit playlist, but I want to play it with my friends (while grinding challenge progress, instead of choosing between ‘fun’ and ‘completion’). I would like to see the party-size limit increased, even knowing that some individuals, whom have long forgotten the feeling of joy, will attempt to ruin it for me by ‘teaming up’. I still want to play with (or, I guess, against) my friends in the FFA playlist.

I’ll relent that a ranked FFA playlist should have a party-size limit of one, but Rumble Pit isn’t ranked. On that note, Last Spartan Standing isn’t ranked either, and those tend matches feel like opening a loot box to see whether I’m going to be:

  1. wandering around the map alone for 30 seconds to a minute at a time before dying in seconds as four players suddenly converge,

  2. running out of lives with only 50 points for the single assist that I managed,

  3. or actually having a nice and even match.

Given those choices, I’d happily suffer (together with my friends) some joyless individuals ‘teaming’ to try ruining everything. I’d like to spectate my fireteam desecrating my lifeless corpse and eating my sweet XP, while laughing over how that all went down. Or, if it must be as it is, couldn’t Last Spartan Standing be a ranked playlist? I’d feel way less defeated before even starting a match if I knew thought that skill was actively balanced in the matchmaking.


If i remember correctly, you were able to search any social playlist with any party size ( without exceeding max players for the gametype/ playlist ) on previous halo’s.

I think that was the best system ( that i know of ).

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