I want to get Halo 4...

but I’m being slightly disenchanted by what I’ve been reading on these forums. I am aware no game is perfect at launch, I am aware there will always be people making (sometimes unnecessary) complaints. I want to hear from different sides of the community that has purchased the game already, as to whether or not I should bother getting the game. I would also like to confirm/ask a few things to better my decision-making process.

From what I have seen, custom games and forge are not close to as good as they were in previous titles. Are there really only three maps to forge on? And could someone elaborate on what custom games are lacking? In H3 custom games and forge were probably my favorite parts, if these weren’t great I don’t know how worth it of a purchase this would be for me.

Multiplayer imbalances, hit box problems, etc. I really just want this to be an organized little hub about PROs and CONs to the game, and i’ve read quite a few. I want to hear many opinions!

On another note though, the campaign does look fantastic, no spoilers please :slight_smile:

Being completely honest and trying to be unbiased (Played Halo CE and was hooked at the young age of 7 in 2001)The game is incredible, everything checks out. It does have flaws, a few bugs, some networking problems (Challenges not completing,JIP inconsistencies, active roster problems, file share and file searching difficulties,) but all of those problems are looking to be fixed rather soon. Multiplayer is for sure Halo style,rage inducing to some, very fun for others like me and friends, the campaign brings the chief back with a good enough reason (amazing story that ties all of the past games together). Myself and 3 of my good friends played it from start to finish, never had that much fun playing anything

For me, 343i earned my 60$ and my thanks for a phenomanol time I’m still enjoying

I enjoy it. But I won’t lie to you, it is different. It has a Halo feel but it has really changed. I can go more in depth and give you my opinion, which I feel is unbiased, feel free to PM me.

It seems to me that the people enjoying halo 4 are not in the forum… They’re too busy playing I guess!

Thanks for the feedback guys, definitely looking into actually getting it, just want to hear people out first. And Cha Boy, feel free to write me a novel man.

> It seems to me that the people enjoying halo 4 are not in the forum… They’re too busy playing I guess!

You could not have said it any better.

I wouldn’t waste the money…yet. I played about 5 matchmaking games and almost threw my controller off of my balcony. If they don’t make some MAJOR changes, I’d have to call it a waste.

> It seems to me that the people enjoying halo 4 are not in the forum… They’re too busy playing I guess!

Exactly, the forums is kind of a place for people who are bored with the game to vent right now, generally don’t trust the flame posts by iron recruits, because they tend to be trolls.

The game is perfect (the maps, the AA, the loadouts…) except for one thing…

The D M R

Definitely loving the game. Not having any problem with the DMR people. Campaign is great. Well worth the full price. Forums are all complaints right now because that’s all people do after a game is released. But there’s plenty of unspoken pros on the game.

if your xbox is able to play halo 4 then i would say it’s definately worth it, but if you’re like me and are unable to play any Matchmaking at all then don’t even bother.

Oh! One other thing, is it true that BTB has no objective gametypes within it? D: