I want to enjoy every aspect of Halo Infinite but I just. . . . can't

Reason, like everyone else, we grew up with Halo. Seen the numbers, the population reach over 1,000,000 player back during Halo 3. Enjoyed customs and forge with friends, and hopping into matchmaking for either that social itch or grinding to get better to up our ranks. There was just so much to enjoy and yet whenever I try to play Halo. There is just so much missing. With Infinites low population, I’ve wanted to seriously try forge because it looks really awesome and would be amazing to do maps on but what’s the point when you have no one you can enjoy those with? I just don’t have the inspiration or incentive because of how poorly the game has done and where it still continues to go. It hurts, it’s saddening.

I just don’t know what to do. . . And I hate it.


It’s truly a shame

Halo is at it’s worst point and I don’t really see it recovering

Infinite was the last chance for many and with how low the population in both MCC and Infinite has dropped to, there isn’t much incentive for people to invest in a franchise that feels like it’s on it’s way out

I’d recommend branching out and playing those games you’ve always wanted to try, it might never give you the same feeling as playing Halo for the first time, but you might find yourself having fun with a new series.


That’s deep man, I miss the days where all my friends were practically on Halo 3, and that’s where I met many of them as well.

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