hEY GUYS, YOU PROBABLY THINK IM CRAZY AND ALL, BUT I REALLY WANT TO BECOME A RECRUIT RANK AGAIN i have bought heaps of stuff and wasted all my credits and want to get the Inclement weather effect. If i go to recruit i can save all credits and buy that. Please is there some way i can do this?!?!?!?!!? If i knew how to get the effect when i started playing at first i would be saving. If i didn’t buy anything i would have at least 1 million cr im guessing!

Sorry, no way to reset everything. Keep playing and earn more credits to buy what you want.

If you went back to recruit, it’d be with 0 credits too. At higher ranks, you get more credits for completing games so it’ll take less time to get the 2 million now than it would if you started over again. If you search for custom challenge guides there should be a few that’ll let you get a bunch of credits, up to 200,000, per day.