I want to be a pro halo player but I suck 😥

I want to be a pro halo player but I suck at the game…well I don’t completely suck but I’m not great anyway I need someone to help me out.

Here is my info:
GT: XxBloodyThiefXx
KDA: You don’t want to know
Gender: Female :flushed:
Time Zone: EST
Time available: anytime
Twitter: Destiny5273
Kik: Destiny5732

Message me if you want to help me and I’m looking for a team

Sounds like it’s time for you to join SLAYER SQUAD

We can help you get better and show you a clear path to becoming a pro. We are a sponsored Halo 5 Spartan Company! We grind Arena & Warzone in both public lobbies as well as competitive ladders and tournaments on GB and ESL. We are actively recruiting players and communicating daily in the forums as well as on Xbox Live. Group play times are from 6pm - 12am EST. We also have a DISCORD CHANNEL at http://discord.gg/DH7TwJy

Come on over and check out www.halocommunity.com!! You dont need to leave your clans or think your joining a clan. This is a active community that just adds to your halo experience. If you ever need to find players to roll with, theres always members on. If your a clan leader you can post your clan there and recruit in our threads. The communities a win win for everyone. So drop over and signup. Tournys and Events are invite only because of our prize giveaways so if you ever want to be part of those special events, signup now.
Thanks Bomber
gt: bigdaddy b0mber

Hey there,
If you are interested in joining a clan that can help you improve your skill and have fun than my clan can help you, I have helped a few player get better in the past and the community that I have helps each other out. if you are interested message me back or reply.
Some points why to join.
Active community
Upbeat community
Helping each other out
we play on both pc and xbox.

Hope to hear your reply
Leader of Accel Gaming, Kyzuto :slight_smile:

I can help you out