I honestly don’t care if you guys do a ban for 3 hours or a full week. These people are plaguing this community by creating horrible experiences for others. 4 MATCHES IN A ROW 343, where my team has been reduced to 2 players against 4. Do you know how big of a dis-advantage it really is? BAN THEM AND DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF KEEPING YOUR LOYAL FANS. It’s so ridiculous that this has been the first Halo game where I have to experience this sort of thing. I know with the Cartographer’s Gift, you guys have created Social Playlist for the “Casual” players. Here’s a suggestion, reduce the ban sensitivity in Social and increase it on Ranked. Make a public announcement about it as well PLEASE. I have been involved in threads/forums, similar to this one, for weeks now trying to get you guys to hear me out (as well as countless others). Are we seeing any progress? I don’t know. Maybe with the social playlist being added but that still isn’t preventing them from quitting. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND QUICKLY!!!

They need to actually advertise social playlists for people who want to relax and have fun and advertise other ranked modes for people who want to be competitive. I thought social stuff would be in a separate menu instead of just the Arena part.