I want Soldiers for Reach

Recruitment statement for Halo Reach as of 6/4/2012

I don’t care about kill to death ratios. I don’t care what weapons or vehicles you are good with. I don’t want a team of unique snowflakes. I want to make use of the training the US Military has been refining for over one hundred years to avoid and defeat the random and childish behavior I see on the HALO battlefield. I want soldiers not players.

I’ll bet there is no one here willing to read real US Army field manuals,<mark>http://usmilitary.about.com/od/armymanuals/a/arfm2175.htm</mark>, and make use of them in HALO to make an effective team of soldiers. This manual is a Late Vietnam era one but the tactics and strategy for small unit combat should be just fine for use in HALO. I will make the revisions as needed for adaptation for the game elements and distribute them as I see fit and everyone will be expected to be familiar with the things I plan to distribute.

Imagine, if you will, a team of players who are all trained the same, who are all familiar with the same skills and techniques. Players who can join up with any stranger on the same team and can rely on each other to have the same training and discipline as one another. Soldiers who form small teams during combat and stick together in a group to overwhelm and overcome any enemy obstacle in any gametype. I firmly believe it can be done if I can get people who are willing to follow the real world models of discipline that the US Military has developed to overcome the very weaknesses that plague online gaming. To overcome the one on one and star player mentality. I don’t want individual superheros on the battlefield.

I want to make up a team of at least four to eight people with an eventual goal of sixteen or more in the future. This will allow there to be a good chance of having at least a four man fireteam available at all times. I would love to have people with real world military experience make up at least part of my team as they will understand what I am going for.

My goal is to form a group of TRAINED soldiers who follow a prearranged DOCTRINE just like real soldiers. I want every man on this team to have exactly the same training and techniques. This will allow any of my players to to team up with one another at any time and be able to form a competent and effective fireteam for any gametype at any time. This would require every man to be versed in and familiar with all of the same information so that when you show up you can expect the man next to you to know what you know and do what you do. To be able to rely on every team member to do know their job without being told.

Schedules and timing are not an issue yet as they will be determined by circumstances. I plan to distribute information to all team members at the same times by messages. No I don’t have a website and I’m too broke and apathetic to make one. Maybe someday but not right now. Everything will be done by messaging.

<mark>Now before we can play I will have to test the network compatibility of each person before they can become a team member. I have to run my Xbox on a controlled network that I have absolutely no control of and this causes frequent NAT and party issues over the internet. Just send me a PM here and a Friend Request and we’ll try playing together to test connections before we worry about discussing my ideas. Because if we cannot party join one another online there is no point in trying to work together.</mark>

<mark>About communication. My living arrangement at my home makes reliable mic use during gameplay nearly impossible. I would rather communicate and coordinate via written messages anyway. It is more formal and I can convey a great deal of information much more effectivly this way. I think it can be done just fine here on Waypoint’s PM system.</mark>

Many have walked this path unsuccessfully, may you be the first to succeed!
Good luck from all of Warlordian Deployments!

nice idea, but you will get little to no people to go along with that. its all good and well when playing against random people but there are people like me who can fight multiple people at once and make you move where they want you to go.a chess game. its not enough to just have good teamwork. halo is game about teamwork but the teams overal individual skill sets the base building blocks for a good team.if youd like to see what i mean ill show you once you get a team together. best of luck to you. my advise is not to settle for average individual skill for a team, always improve.